It's about Romi - Everest

It's about Romi - Everest

We, the Mojoz, want to do good by creating sustainable lights & helping people at the same time

We only use sustainable materials such as recycled paper, cork, wood chips, eco linen and bamboo in all its varieties.

For every lamp you buy, we donate to the WakaWaka Foundation.The Provide solar lights to people in humanitarian aid situations in off-grid area's troughout the world. WakaWaka is the safe alternative to dangerous kerosene lamps, helping many lives.

Read more about the good work of WakaWaka at:

Good & Mojo is empowered by it's about RoMi with love for the planet & people! 

Hoogte: 127 cm 
kap: 60 x 30 cm

(exclusief lamp) 

€ 419,-
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